Chukar/Alectoris chukar - Photographer: Виктор Янев
Chukar/Alectoris chukar - Photographer: Валентин Почекански
Chukar/Alectoris chukar - Photographer: Светослав Спасов

L 32-35 cm. Breeds in similar habitats to closely related Rock Partridge, but also descends lower and is found around cultivations, pasture on barren terrain etc.; also in mountain deserts. Has declined in Europe. Said to be shyer and more difficult to see than Rock Partridge.
IDENTIFICATION: Like Rock Partridge; differs in: yellow-tinged white bib; sometimes some black spots at bottom of bib in breast-centre; broad, diffuse pale supercilium not reaching forehead; no black bordering base of upper mandible; brown streak behind eye; browner upperparts.
VOICE: Territorial call variable, often rhythmic series at fast galloping pace and with hoarse voice, introduced by several short, monosyllabic, shrill notes, ‘ga ga ga ga cha-chakera-chakera-chakera-…’; structure at times simpler, e.g. ‘chak chak chak che-chak truc-ku truc-ku truc-ku truc-ku …’.

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