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Над 850 вида птици в Европа

Всички видове птици в Европа на едно място

  • Научи повече за птиците

    Научи повече за птиците

    Подробна информация за птиците в Европа

  • Над 850 вида птици в Европа

    Над 850 вида птици в Европа

    Всички видове птици в Европа на едно място

  • Хиляди снимки и видеоклипове на птици

    Хиляди снимки и видеоклипове на птици

    Огромен брой снимки и видеоклипове на птици, които постоянно нарастват

  • Открий птиците по държави

    Открий птиците по държави

    Научете в коя държава кои птици се срещат

Туризъм и пътуване, Птиците в Европа

Branta Tours

Branta Birding Lodge & Conservation Centre
BG-9670 Durankulak

info (at)
Mobile: +359888476601

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Branta Tours operates a variety of wildlife holidays and birdwatching ventures to top birding locations within Western Palearctic and beyond.

Specialising in eastern countries, our key destinations include:

Bulgaria, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Scotland and Southern France.

Нашите локации

Branta Birding Loudge, Branta Tours

Branta Birding Loudge

Branta Birding Lodge & Conservation Centre, overlooking Durankulak Lake and Black Sea, is ideally situated for visiting many top birding locations, endless and peaceful white-sand beaches, important protected areas and many sites of archaeological interest along those remote parts of the Bulgarian Far North that have avoided the construction boom.

This high-quality three-stars complex (four bird-stars level according to the Bed & Birding category criteria) is an excellent, peaceful base for birders, photographers and nature lovers wishing to stay in a warm and friendly atmosphere and enjoy wildlife around protected wetlands and virgin steppe habitats. It offers outstanding birdwatching opportunities for novice and professional birders, including a variety of daily trips from Bulgarian and Romanian lagoons, along the Black Sea coast, through steppe habitats and ancient wet forests, to steep-sided gorges… It provides outstanding possibilities for Eco-Friendly vacation especially for running Nature, Wildlife and Photo Tours, Birdwatching Holidays and Short Breaks, Botanical Circuits, Hobby Tourism, Fishing, Weekend and Guided Day-trips.

Another bonus of this kind of accommodation is that visitors can take advantage of a quiet and unspoiled environment, calm atmosphere, outstanding views of the sea and the lake, as well lots of helpful tips and information about the surrounding areas and the country.

Estonia, Branta Tours


There are many good reasons for a visit to Estonia during early spring; The experience of viewing grouses, including Capercaillie, owls and woodpeckers ... and the stunning Steller´s Eider ... is absolutely not to be missed!

Hot spot for Western Palearctic, Branta Tours

Hot spot for Western Palearctic

The easiest place to find some of the most difficult Western Palearctic breeding species!

Belarus - the most intact natural area in Europe. , Branta Tours

Belarus - the most intact natural area in Europe.

This extraordinary birdwatching tour to the Southern Taiga region provides a big diversity of species and habitats in the most exciting natural complex combined by boreal forests and wetlands.

East Wildlife Bonanza, Branta Tours

East Wildlife Bonanza

Concerning rare but important highlights it is part of our tactics that we visit more than one site for them to be sure that you will not miss a thing.

The Crimean peninsula, Branta Tours

The Crimean peninsula

Ukraine offers a host of surprises for birders and nature-lovers. Birding interests are catered for every turn, from the Danube delta and the Carpathian forests, along the Azov and Black Sea coasts, through rolling steppes and the vast wetland destinations, to the soaring mountain ranges clothed with old growth forests. During the trip Branta-Tours is according high importance to finding mammals. Feather-grass steppe in Ukraine holds conservation collections of semi-wild Saiga Antelope, Przewalski’s Horse and other grassland animals.

Romania & Bulgaria, Branta Tours

Romania & Bulgaria

Early spring and autumn migration on the Via Pontica flyway
Pelicans, Raptors, Waders and Red-throated Pipit...

Идеи от Природата – тениски, чаши, подаръци
Наблюдения на птици и природна фотография в района на Суха река. Къща за гости.