Black-winged Kite/Elanus caeruleus

L 31-36 cm, WS 71-85 cm. Breeds in semi-deserts, open plains, forest fringes by rivers. Very rare. Food small mammals, birds, insects. Nests in tree.
IDENTIFICATION: Unmistakable: the size of a Hobby, but has bulkier body, pointed but broad wings and short, square-cut tail. Pale blue-grey above with black forewing, white below with blackish primaries; head white with black ‘face-mask’. Hovers like a Kestrel, soars and glides with raised wings like a harrier, when hunting recalls Short-eared Owl and in active flight large Black Tern. - Juvenile: Back and shoulders dark grey, feathers tipped white; greater upperwing-coverts tipped white. Crown brownish. Breast tinged rufous.
VOICE: Mainly silent. Sharp ‘kree-ak’ heard from both sexes. High-pitched whistle used as alarm.

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