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Над 850 вида птици в Европа

Всички видове птици в Европа на едно място

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    Научи повече за птиците

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  • Над 850 вида птици в Европа

    Над 850 вида птици в Европа

    Всички видове птици в Европа на едно място

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Туризъм и пътуване, Птиците в Европа

Barcelona Birding Point

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Barcelona Birding Point is a birding company operating tour throughtout Spain, Andorra, Morocco & France. We are based in Barcelona, the modern and active Catalan capital city. From here we offer scheduled tours and exclusive trips for up to 500 species of birds living in a huge variety of ambients; from alpine grasslands in both Pyrenees and Alps to endless deserts in Southern Morocco, from extensive low scrubs to sea birds. We cover a huge variety of famous wetlands, from Ebro Delta to Camargue; from Gallocanta to Merja Zerga.

We are also proud to offer a wide variety of professional photo hides for wildlife photographers. Our hides are to be found around Barcelona and we offer high mountain key species (Lammergeier, Rock Thrush), steppe land living birds (Roller, Bee-eater, Sandgrouses) to a variety of raptors (Booted Eagle, Red Kite, Common Buzzard).

Нашите локации

Ebro Delta, Barcelona Birding Point

Ebro Delta

Ebro Delta is one of the largest wetlands in the Mediterranean Sea. Its over 300 square quilometres are full of paddy fields, salt and fresh water marshes, lakes, channels and salty steppes hosting a widerange of birdlife all year round. Over 340 species have been recorded and month by month a new rarity is to be spotted.

Its huge colonies of gull, terns, flamingoes and waders are worldwide famous. Within Ebro Delta huge numbers of Purple, Squacco, Night & Grey Herons can be found. Over 10.000 pairs of globally endangered Audouin's Gull nest here along with over 1.000 pairs of Common, Whiskered, Little, Sandwich & Gull-billed Terns. Caspian Terns are more scarce but still easy to locate. Slender-billed Gulls are also common and sometimes easy to see feeding beside of Greater Flamingoes, Avocets & Shelducks. 

Black-winged Stilt population has been numbered in over 10.000 pairs and Avocets & Kentish Plovers are easy to locate in their habitats. Ebro Delta is also one of the best places to see Collared Pratincoles, sometimes side by side of Lesser Short-toed Larks. Waders are extremely common in winter and passage and over 15 different species can be easily spotted in an average tour.

Within the reedbeds, Moustached, Great Reed & Savi's Warblers are common, as it is so Bluethroats & Penduline Tits in winter time. Another inhabitant of reedbeds is the shy Little Bittern, cohabitating with the extremely obicous Purple Gallinule.

Whatever a place to enjoy, Ebro Delta is this kind of place that every single birdwatcher must visit, at least once!

Pyrenees, Barcelona Birding Point


Pyrenees is, after the Alps and the Caucasus, the third largest mountain range within Europe. Their high & medium mountain landscapes rank among the best European locations for raptors. 

Pyrenees is probably the best areas worldwide to spot Lammergeiers, as over 120 territories are spread along those mountains. Griffon & Egyptian Vultures also live in good numbers. Cinereous Vultures have finally come back to the Pyrenees as a small population has been established in recent years in Catalan Pyrenees. 

Other common raptors here include Golden, Booted & Short-toed Eagles as well as Black & Red Kites. 

High mountain living birds have in Pyrenees a long list of key species as here are to be found Wallcreepers, Alpine Accentors, Snow Finches along with Citril Finches, Ring Ouzels, Common Crosbills, Water Pipits & Common Rock Thrushes.

In their forest we still can find birds like Capercaillie and Tengmalm's Owl, most of the times thought as Northern species. Here is also an excellent place to spot a wide range of birds, from Black Woodpecker to Firecrest, from Bullfinch to Subalpine Warbler.

Pyrenees hosts also a huge variety of wild flowers and insects, as over 100 species of butterflies live whithin that mountains.

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