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More than 850 species birds of Europe

All birds of Europe in one place

  • Learn more about birds

    Learn more about birds

    Detailed information about birds of Europe

  • More than 850 species birds of Europe

    More than 850 species birds of Europe

    All birds of Europe in one place

  • Thousands of photos and videos of birds

    Thousands of photos and videos of birds

    A huge number of photos and videos of the birds that are increasing

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    Find birds by country

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Birdwatching Alentejo

For any enquiries contact us at the address, phone number or email below.

Herdade do Seixinal, Cx Postal 3576, 7540-060, Santiago do Cacém, Portugal

Email: bert (at)

Tel: (+351) 269 825 383

Due to the 300 days of sun we have we are a lot outside birdwatching so please email us.

For urgent matters you can reach us at our mobile phone number: +351 961 406 417

Web site:

Alentejo Birdwatching is an informative site regarding birds in the Alentejo region of Portugal. We also offer guided bird tours and trips.

For an overview of the birds with photos click the next link: Alentejo Birds

If you want to enjoy the birds on the 50 acre property of Monte Horizonte, you have found a perfect spot.

On our land we have spotted over 80 species of birds and the unknown but fantastic lagoon of Santo André is close by. During migration over 300 different birds can be spotted at the lagoon and it is just a 25 minutes drive away.

We are happy to show you around and give you advise of where and when you can see specific birds.

Our 50 acres property is partly included in an ecological reserve and completely run on solar and wind-energy. It is located at only 5 kms from the historic town of Santiago do Cacém but you find total silence here.

Even the beach is only 15 kilometers away and relaxing at the pool is also an option.

All information regarding our cottages, prices, availability and more can be found on our website: Monte Horizonte

Our locations

Lagoa de Santo André, Birdwatching Alentejo

Lagoa de Santo André

We will make a round tour and stay at several spots near the Lagoa de Santo André for 3 hours. The full day tour has a duration of 8 hours of which we will spent 6 hours at the Lagoa de Santo André.

Sado Estuary, Birdwatching Alentejo

Sado Estuary

As one of the largest wetlands in the country, the Sado estuary is also one of the best places for bird watching at any time of the year. According to the Portuguese birding organistations it is not difficult to observe 80 species in a day if visited the main birdwatching spots and at certain times of the year, it is even possible to reach to a 100 species in a day.

Sines Coast, Birdwatching Alentejo

Sines Coast

 In Ria de Moinhos near Sines you can find the Hen Harriers, Cetti's Warblers, Sandwich Terns and Black-necked Grebes.

The cliffs at Sines are particularly suited to see the Gannet diving, the Yellow-legged Gull, Mediterranean Gull, Turnstone and sometimes the Balearic Shearwater of which there are less than 2,000 pair left.

This is also an excellent place to see migratory birds coming from the far north on their way to southern Africa.

Lagoa dos Patos, Birdwatching Alentejo

Lagoa dos Patos

Although known as the Duck Lagoon, this wetland is in fact a reservoir. Although not a major water area, here you can see the highest concentrations of ducks throughout the Alentejo. Moreover the adjacent rice paddies attract waders and other waterbirds. A visit to the Lagoa dos Patos is unavoidable.

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