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More than 850 species birds of Europe

All birds of Europe in one place

  • Learn more about birds

    Learn more about birds

    Detailed information about birds of Europe

  • More than 850 species birds of Europe

    More than 850 species birds of Europe

    All birds of Europe in one place

  • Thousands of photos and videos of birds

    Thousands of photos and videos of birds

    A huge number of photos and videos of the birds that are increasing

  • Find birds by country

    Find birds by country

    Find in which country which birds are found

About the site

Why are we doing it? is an initiative of a few-nature lovers, who undertook this project on a fully volunteer basis. We believe that by offering interesting and useful information about birds and their habitat, we would increase the awareness of people to the beauty of nature. Our utmost gratification would be if we can contribute a token to enhanced environmental sensitivity.

The concept

Our affection to nature and birds as well as our passion for information catalyzed the concept. We needed the  relevant information  to be displayed in a single site rather than having to rummage numerous sites with pictures, CDs or hard-to-find books. We wanted a site offering everything related to birds throughout Europe, which is easily accessible and user-friendly. No such site existed until now…


In 2006, we created the site for birds in Bulgaria The idea was to place in a single site all the information about birds in Bulgaria. It contains numerous photos, videos, descriptions, etc. The site reaped success in Bulgaria and is among the European leaders in its field. has become a database used by thousands of people each month, by schools and institutions in need of such information. We had a tough start; we kept facing different impediments, yet that stimulated us even more. The number of people assisting us was increasing and they kept updating it with photos and information.

The website

The increasing interest in encouraged us to develop a similar website about Birds in Europe. There we aspire to increase the options for offering diverse and interesting information. The goal is it to present in a handy, easy and attractive way, regardless whether you are trying to find a bird in Russia, England or Angora. All species will have descriptions, images and videos and you will be able to see in which countries you can find them. You will also have the opportunity to know which tour operators offer bird-related tours and other interesting stuff.

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